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goldilocks copia
jueves, 12 de diciembre, 2019

Goldilocks Musical

The Musical Team

‘Goldilocks, Goldilocks a little girl with cotton socks…’

This musical follows the same plot as the traditional story but presents it as if it were a case for a judge on a court. The jury is in charge of making a resolution of a difficult situation. Goldilocks is responsible of her actions and a very profesional team of lawyers follows her case, presenting evidence to support her crimes against the three bears.

They go for a walk to wait for their porridge to cool, and while they’re gone Goldilocks breaks into their house and eats their food. Then she sits on a precious antique baby’s chair and breaks it to bits (and says a rude word in the process). Afterwards, she goes upstairs and walks on all the beds without removing her shoes. Is Goldilocks innocent or guilty? What will be the final verdict?

A classic story with a typically humorous twist in a complete performance. Let’s play, sing and dance and be a part in Roald Dahl’s very own version of the classic tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears.