Concepción, Chile
miércoles, 4 de diciembre, 2019

Exhibition 2020 is coming…

Junior School

During these final days of hard work we pause to reflect on our journey thus far. As with any new experience we approach, it begins with excitement, nervous anxiety about the unknown and then we face countless challenges. Starting was fun but this unit of inquiry Sharing The Planet demanded a kind of persistence that could only be delivered by this 2019 class.

This process has presented moments where we celebrate success and later face moments that we might even dare to consider failure. However, in PYP we consider each step an opportunity to cultivate valuable life long skills  such as critical thinking, problem solving, confidence building and resilience, among many others.

With the support of so many, we have been pressing on to build our knowledge by creating authentic experiences that we either validate or disprove our research… learning.

Albert Einstein once said, "The only source of knowledge is experience".  This opportunity has allowed us to explore issues that were deeply personal to us.  We have acquired so much, interacted with different members of our community and have taken action due to our desire to generate awareness and create changes in our world.

We want to give you a brief glimpse into what we have done so far and ask you to SAVE THE DATE for our PYP Exhibition, our final Junior school project, December 10th, 2019.

One final word…

Students, we are so proud of your dedication (to your project and team),  your perseverance through adversity and commitment to finish.

We are excited to see you all shine on Exhibition day!