Work at St John’s

Welcome to our school!
At Saint John’s we provide work to 200 employees, including teachers, kindergarten educators, nurses and administrative staff.
Our teachers must have the necessary qualifications to be able to teach in an IB school with English as a second language. It is our constant concern to contribute with both requirements through improvements and training.
At Saint John’s you will find a welcoming and hard-working work community. We are interested in taking care of our collaborators through welfare systems, compensations and transparent, clear and fair protocols.

Recruitment and selection:

Our vacancies are reported in this section of our website, as well as on portals such as LinkedIn, TICs or others, depending on the type of professional required.

What is the process?

Candidates who meet the profiles described must send an application letter and habilitating title, accompanied by the updated background certificate or international equivalent certificate to the inbox: The school will contact those who are within the required parameters and will manage personal interviews and psycho-occupational evaluations. The School will also require the documentation that it deems necessary to verify the teacher/professional suitability, as appropriate.
Once chosen, the candidate will receive a detailed letter with payment conditions, corresponding benefits and date of incorporation. It is important to note that for foreign professional, work contract and other background will be sent to the chosen professional for the processing of the visa.

For Infant, Junior and foreign professionals

To apply, the candidate must present the habilitating professional title (original or legalized copy), as well as his updated background certificate (or international equivalent document). It is important to emphasize that once selected, the school will process the teaching authorization to the Ministry of Education, if corresponds, which can be obtained for a period of 3-5 years, depending on the position. In such period, teachers will have to acquire the qualifications that enable them to teach at the level.