Senior School

Head of Area - Ms Claudia Molina
The Senior School is the Secondary School Cycle that our students reach to complete their school education. They must meet the two last years of MYP (Middle Years Programme) to subsequently have the opportunity of completing the Diploma Programme of the International Baccalaureate. Within their curriculum, at the end of the second year they must perform the election of subjects (three), within a range that is offered. These subjects must be completed for the next two years.
Among the year 12 students, at the end of that year, those who will have to meet the role of Prefect will be chosen. These Prefects are ideally 5 boys and 5 girls, and both students and teachers will elect those who meet the profile determined by the school for these students, who meet their role of Prefects during their year 13 of secondary education.
Also, as part of their training, many of our students participate in the different school, sport and artistic activities offered and that complete our curriculum that characterizes the students of St. John’s.
As a significant part of the comprehensive training of the students is that in year 12 and 13, the heads of each course are replaced by tutoring, reducing the number of students per teacher to half, that, each teacher has groups of 12 and 15 students, which allows them to have a much personal contact with their students and thus, gives more attention to any problem or concern they have. This also allows us to work more personally in their vocational development.