Middle School

Head of Area - Mr Pedro Caceres
Middle School is a transition cycle, where students who enter year 7 are faced with multiple challenges, which they manage to successfully overcome with the help of their head teachers. Room changes by subject, greater use of Spanish in classes and names of the teachers are significant aspects, added to a more independent and autonomous work.
In addition, the academic transition itself is complex and in Middle School, students experience the passage from childhood to adolescence, emerging the typical problems of this stage, but the process allows them to reinforce bonds of friendship, self-knowledge and expand their world view.
This stage of changes and challenges allows strengthening values such as teamwork, solidarity and reflection in each of the academic activities and clubs in which they participate. Likewise, international mentality should be added as a transversal process in this cycle, which begins with the National Tour of year 7 and culminates with the trip to UK in year 9. Here, the multiple attributes of the IB community are evidenced, being St. John’s part of it: inquirers, informed and educated, thinkers, integral, bold and balanced.