Junior School

Head of Area - Ms Gabriela Carrasco
This area includes the beginning of the formal stage of education and in turn, a transition stage from Infant School to Junior. This is where students consolidate what they learned in Infant and open their minds to new learning, which as progressively acquire and take into practice in the daily school life allows them to reach greater autonomy and independence in the challenging but beautiful task of learning.
To achieve this, Junior School is linked to Infant School through the PYP (Primary Years Programme) of the International Baccalaureate. Therefore, students continue working on the basis of inquiry as central core of the academic work, allowing through these units to achieve the objectives proposed by the Ministry of Education. 
The school context, in which students develop from year 2 t year 6 is motivating and presents challenges according to the different stages of development. This is how all students participate in assemblies, concerts and field trips, being the visit to Los Pellines the most important activity of the school life of Junior students, which is expected with enthusiasm for all students of year 5.
During their stay in Junior School, different clubs and sports are offered, where students experience and know different activities that further promote their integral development. All these activities are aimed to the fact that students are enchanted and motivated by learning, generating opportunities and significant experiences in this stage of their lives.