Infant School

Head of Area - Ms Dynia Camacho
Children who are preschoolers when they join our St. John’s community arrive at a place unknown to them, but with new challenges where they surprise us with their creativity, joy, enthusiasm and curiosity. They come from a warm and protected family environment, but it is here where they begin to develop their autonomy, between peers of the same age, and to increase their self-esteem, which is fundamental for their physical, cognitive and language development.
Gradually, they begin to develop social skills with their peers through games, establish friendship relationships, acquire English as a second language and begin to be more independent. Thus, the world opens up to them with new opportunities where they can Discovery, experience and develop in an integral and harmonious way. One of our main objectives is precisely to foster and develop positive experiences within the school. This allows children to be happy, active and participatory within our school community. Thus, their transition will be performed gradually until higher levels, in confidence and a familiar environment where their attitudes will be developed in greater |depth and excellence competences later on.
We have the PYP International Baccalaureate Program, which is aimed to train people with “international mentality”, where we all have responsibility in the planet in being respected and to respect, in order to become researchers, reflexive and communicative. All this must be together with a set of values and good principles, open-minded and concerned of themselves, the others and the wonderful world we live in.
Everyone, however small they are, will be the tomorrow’s students of our school and integral citizens in a wonderful planet that must be treasured and cared for.