International Baccalaureate (IB)

IB World School since 1988.

At Saint John’s School we seek to be leaders in the formation of bilingual students through the implementation of the International Baccalaureate in all its levels. These are:

  • Primary Years Programme – PYP
  • Middle Years Programme – MYP
  • Diploma Programme – DP

All programmes have accreditation granted by the same organization of the International Baccalaureate and are the basis on which the formative vision of the school is sustained, since the vision of an education centred on the students is shared. Thus, efficient teaching-learning approaches are developed, which take place in global contexts, which do not contribute to the understanding of different languages and costumes, but also invite creativity, critical thinking and inspires an enthusiasm for lifelong learning.

Therefore, these programs provide us a privileged position at international level, giving possibility and opportunity of learning so that students from a young age are inserted into the profile of the community.

The two main elements of the programme are the International mentality and the IB learning profile.

International mentality

The international mentality is not learning other cultures and languages, rather is a way of thinking that allows people to understand and work with others in a more human way, without prejudices. For this reason, Saint John’s School fosters the growth of fundamental features to work in a global or local community, such as empathy and genuine expressions of compassion for others.

Los alumnos aprenden a trabajar juntos para resolver y solucionar problemas importantes en nuestra comunidad y fuera de ella, independientemente de nuestros orígenes culturales y formas de vida, sin dejar de honrar nuestra humanidad compartida. La mentalidad internacional se cultiva activamente en el plan de estudios y en el aula.

Profile of the IB learning community

This IB educational system forms people with open mind, responsible with themselves and the environment, independent and curious. Men and women, who value good communication, bold, informed and educated, upright, supportive, thinkers, balanced and reflective.

This is an important part of the Saint John’s School hallmark and therefore, the IB profile is incorporated in each and every one of the school instances and is expressed in different ages and experiences.