Head of Department - Ms Claudia Franco

“…We lost… We won… They took the gold … They took everything and left everything… They left us the words.”

Pablo Neruda – I confess I have lived.

With the rise and sudden increase of information and communication technologies, our world has managed to develop a level of knowledge without precedent in history. For this reason, our Department works focused on students and particularly, we are interested and concerned in the development of their skills.  This is how through creativity and innovation in our classroom projects, debates, exhibitions, dramatizations and others, we comply with it.
We are very aware that in this new conceptual framework, the role of the teacher has been redefined, from being a transmitter of knowledge to a manager of learning environments.
At the same time, our department offers two study programs. On the one hand, the National Program, where the different modalities proposed by the Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) are applied and implemented. On the other hand, the International Baccalaureate Program (IB) its MYP and Diploma modalities is also applied.
In order to meet the proposed objectives for each program taught, our department is focused on listening comprehension, oral expression, reading comprehension, written expression and visual and presentation skills of our students both inside and outside the classroom.