Social Sciences

Head of Department - Ms Ana Tejo

The society in its different dynamics invites us as individuals to know and discover the world it is presented to us, fining us a totally diverse society, from which we must understand the individual role that we have. From this perspective, the area of social sciences encourages the participation of both women and men, forming people who are informed and able to understand the diversity presented to us by the global era.

The Social Sciences Department conformed by its different subjects has the purpose of providing the tools to our students, which allow them to face new challenges that are presented to us every day and can behave as citizens of free and thoughtful thinking amid the changes that society presents to us.

Understanding that our reality is constantly changing, the area of social sciences has aligned with the requirements of both national programme and IB international programme, forming appropriate teaching-learning strategies for each level, in line with the educational system of our country, enhancing the skills of each of our students and contributing to the development of their learning processes. Therefore, our school has the subjects of History and Social Sciences, Geography, Economics, Business Management, Psychology and French.