Head of Department - Mr. Iván Torres

“The intelligence consists not only in the knowledge, but also in the skill to apply knowledge into practice” – Aristotle

The disruptive incorporation of technology in today’s society makes necessary to build new educational objectives, generating an education that is in resonance with these new periods and, at the same time that provides the foundations where the future will be built. It is there where the Sciences and Technology Department has been developing at all school levels a scientific literacy in our students, promoting scientific inquiry through strategies, skills and competencies related to scientific, critical and creative thinking. A new knowledge must always be generated in them, rather than the generation of existing knowledge.

Our intention is to guide students to explore their environment independently and collaboratively, inside and outside the classroom, through a close relationship with the innovation area of universities and companies, which allows us to incorporate a contemporary scientific and technological knowledge.

This has allowed us to keep maintaining in the students their curiosity about science and turn them into citizens with a global and inclusive look about current needs of national and international level.