PE and Sports

Assistant Head (Sports) - Mr Daniel Romo I Head of PE Department - Ms Claudia Artigues


For our school, sport is a fundamental pillar. We believe that teaching our children the basic skills of sports at early age will help them to prepare for an active, healthy life and will generate them a sense of belonging with their school and friendships beyond the school life. Therefore, we will focus our efforts on developing the sports of the Association of the British Schools of Chile: Athletics and, Hockey and Volleyball for women and Athletics, Rugby and Football for men.

With this, we seek to transfer specific qualities of these sports through the training of our students, such as: fair play, teamwork, communication, sense of achievement and motivation to develop determination at the time of facing adversity situations.

Physical Education:

Units and classes of Physical Education have been designed to meet 3 objectives: motor, physical and social development of the students. This is achieved through a quality teaching process, which is focused on the quality of movements and to provide the greatest number of motor experiences. We will use alternative sports (cricket, handball, baseball, basketball, tennis, men’s hockey, women’s football, men’s volleyball and women’s touch rugby) to generate new movement patterns. From year 2 to year 9, we also follow requirements of PYP and MYP programmes.