Head of Department - Mr Oscar Cerda
Our pedagogical guidelines based on the IB programme promote a universal language that offers enormous possibilities and stimulate the skills of analytical reasoning and problem solving- All this contributes to the development of logical, abstract and critical thinking. Our teamwork is composed of education professionals in constant training. This team works every day on the improvement of a learning methodology focused on the student, meaningful and with importance in problem solving. In addition, we encourage a collaborative and cooperative work in the search students who communicate mats.
We invite our students to understand the world from a modelling point of view, the search for answers with analytical reasoning and the development of skills. In addition, they will learn that mathematics not only contribute to cognitive abilities but also to the development of attitudes such as confidence, autonomy of thought, willingness to face new challenges and situations, to formulate conjectures, cultivate a curious look in before the world that surrounds us, and the importance of error as a part of the teaching-learning process. Finally, it is necessary to expect effort in the qualities of the community profile: human beings responsible, inquiry, informed, good communicators, supportive and reflexive.
Each year, different activities both in classes and outside them are carried out to encourage motivation for mathematics, application to real contexts and solving problems of ingenuity.
  • Mathematical games
  • Mathematical challenges
  • Problems in real contexts for the application of mathematics
  • Construction of board games with mathematical concepts and exercises that develop different skills
  • Enigmas through the use of technology