Infant School Librarian: Ms Pamela González I Junior School Librarian: Ms Bárbara Siebert - Middle & Senior School Librarians: Ms Josefa Galindo and Ms Cecilia Neira
Saint John’s Libraries are resource centres for learning, where students find different sources of information and the support of teachers for the promotion and development of IBO skills, such as being inquirers, knowledgeable and reflective.
Our objectives are that students of Saint John’s acquire the necessary competencies that allow them to locate, interpret, organize and share information in a meaningful way, and encourage the pleasure of reading as inexhaustible source of information.
Libraries are composed of three different spaces: Infant, Junior and Senior libraries, where each one has professionals to support the educational needs of each group.
The library team works transversally with the Dewey cataloguing criterion, which has various classifications to quickly locate the different topics and subjects. In our resource centres you will not only find the cataloguing criteria, but a reinforcement of thematic by colour.
The Mediatrack computer system stands out in our libraries. This is a virtual space where you can access the entire bibliographic collection we have at Saint John’s. This means allows performing searches by different categories such as title, author and other options.
Opening hours:
Junior and Senior libraries: Monday to Thursday, continuous hours from 8:15 to 17:00 hours: Friday, from 8:15 to 15:10 hours.