Learning support

Saint John’s School recognizes that the teaching and learning processes must consider the human being in a comprehensive way. Therefore, our educational project offers a type of education that diversifies teaching, according to rhythms, learning styles and others. This element of differentiation is in charge of the teachers led by Learning Support. Likewise, this team works directly with students who face some barrier to learn that requires greater support needs that allow them to successfully develop their educational progress. This support is provided through teachers, family and) or directly with the student. 
When the diverse strategies of response to such diversity do not allow responding to the learning needs of some students, it is necessary to evaluate and identify special educational needs that may require curricular adaptation measures. This procedure is led by the Learning Support, who are in charge of analyzing, contrasting and determining the appropriate measures, according to the background presented the parents or guardians and the current regulations and policies of the school.
The Learning Support team has as one of its fundamental goals to promote the integral formation of the students and its role is to make decisions that tend to facilitate the development of students with special educational needs. This team is made up by counselors, special education teachers and psychologists.