Head of Department - Mr Klaus Nielsen

Language is essential to think, learn and interact in the world. As language teachers, we constantly try to expand the boundaries and help our students to become citizens of the world around them. We believe that the learning and mastering a new language must be developed through literature and modern technology. Therefore, we foster our students to recognize its beauty and power.

Through works of literature that are extended across genres, cultures and historical periods, we help students of Saint John’s School to develop their linguistic, communicative and analytical skills in order to use language as a vehicle for thought. Our students have access to various online sources such as newspapers, podcasts, blogs, nooks and videoconferences that encourage the learning of English and the achievement of their full linguistic potential.

We invite our students to continue being responsible to develop their skills in English through these influential learning tools. Let’s continue exploring the language by reading on important cultural topics of Afghanistan through the eyes of Amir and Hassan in book The Kite Runner. Let’s be more aware of the risks of the teenage pregnancy though the book The Pregnancy Project. In conclusion, let’s dare to write, debate, interpret, read and be as creative as we want in English.