Head of Department - Mr. Carlos Poblete

The different subjects of the artistic area have the purpose of fostering and developing that practice and the creative, critical and reflective observation of the different artistic manifestations, of their own and others.

Arts, at Saint John’s School are organized in various disciplines aligned with the fundamental principles of the IB curriculum design.

Learning instances through arts at Saint John’s are oriented by four criteria: knowledge, and understanding, development of skills, creative thinking and response to various artistic forms. Through them, our students will understand concepts and processes, developing a varied artistic intention, broad and imaginative, exploring ideas to be materialized in a work, constructing meanings and transferring learning to new situations with depth and insight.

In order to achieve an adequate balance, amplitude and depth in the exploration of this variety of Art disciplines, the school has implemented the subjects of Visual Arts and Performing Arts, among which, Music and Theatre can be mentioned. The Diploma Programme has allowed us to expand the possibilities of aesthetic experiences, as for example the Film course.

The Arts Department also offers various instances of artistic expression to its students through activities related and generated by it: clubs, theatre meetings, exhibitions, Musicals, bands, choirs, big band, etc.