As school, solidarity has been internalized with the commitment to help the others and act with the purpose of positively influencing the life of others and the world that surrounds us, showing empathy, sensitivity and respect for our environment and community.
This value in the Saint John’s community is an action that leads us to perform activities that help our community and environment. We seek to generate bonds of trust and cooperation, transforming the vision about people who live in vulnerable conditions, in order to generate an accompaniment that goes beyond a collection campaign.
In Junior and Infant School we develop activities that lead our students to participate in instances of solidarity with their peers and environment. At Middle, many students participate in social work and with they are the ones who lead the shared Christmas. In addition, they perform the community project which is focused on community and service and students are encouraged to explore their right and responsibility of implementing service as action in the community.
One of the subjects that lead to experiencing events of solidarity is the subject of CAS (Creativeness, Activity and Service) through one of its areas (service) is one of the most transformative elements of CAS, since it fosters in the students the awareness of themselves, by offering interaction, experiences and opportunities that benefit all parties involved: Students address real needs of the community and the community benefits through reciprocal collaboration. In year 12, students participate in a community construction project, which together with TECHO Foundation participate in the construction of camps. Thus, solidarity is consolidated through learning based on community service.