School Restaurant

At Saint John’s we are very clear of instilling in our students the habit of eating healthy. To support this important learning that is mainly developed in the family, our school has the service of the Aramark Saint John’s Company, which cares for the feeding of our students by preserving the variety of nutrients and adequate portions for each stage of their development.
Our school restaurant offers students and staff a lunch service, as well as a food kiosk from which they can buy healthy snacks, fruits and beverages during the academic day.
The lunch services of the school restaurant are available through any of the three available modes:
  • Card (for year 2 and year 5 students) – it is a credential given to the student, which must be presented daily.
  • Coupon book (from year 2 to year 13) – it is a book with 20 tickets. They are valid to be consumed throughout the current academic year and students must submit a ticket in order to receive their lunch.
  • Daily ticket – for purchases of 1 to 19 units.
Menu alternatives:
  • “Homemade flavours” menu: for all levels without inscription: It consists of two alternatives of hot dishes with exchangeable accompaniment.
  • “Make your salad menu”: for all levels without inscription: It consists of a cold menu with lower caloric intake, which offers as a basis lettuce and other vegetables with accompaniment of protein foods and cereals, with dressing of healthy sauces. Students prepare their salads when passing for that service line.
  • Light or other regime: only with medical certificate.