Just as each tree performs its function in the biosphere, we should also do it, as human beings who care about our planet and all living beings that inhabit it. We can build a different future if we respect Mother Earth and invest in it.
Ban Ki–moon
As a society, we deserve to enjoy the beauty of the landscapes, the animal and plant wealth of the different areas of the planet, to breathe an air without pollution, and to have access to natural resources in a sustainable way. This is why as an Environmental Committee we firmly believe that the future is in our hands, that we must join forces to help preserve the beauty and richness of our natural environments.
We consider it of great importance to work together as Educational Community and encourage our students to take care of the environment through actions to mitigate the current pollution. Some of these actions are declared in our environmental Decalogue, since in this way if children are able to identify and solve environmental problems at an early age will continue with it in their adulthood and be able to make a decision, giving possible answers to the problem we have today.
Let us remember that “the fundamental objective of the programs of the International Baccalaureate (IB) is to form people with international mentality, who aware of the condition that unites them as human beings and the responsibility they share to watch over the planet contributes to create a better and more peaceful world”. It is our task to train our children in habits that promote nature-friendly lifestyles and aware of the importance of this in our lives.
This Earth is our only home. Together we must take care of it and value it.
Ban Ki-moon