Students Association

The main organization for representing students in the Saint John’s educational community is the Students Association, which is made up by a group of students that representing the school. Its purpose is to create, promote and increase the spaces in which students can express themselves democratically and organize their concerns and interests.
Among the emblematic activities of the Student Centre, our rock festival called Johnstock, as well as events associated to the Saint John’s Week, Student Day and the Independence Day Celebration can be mentioned.

2019 Students Association Leadership

President: Cristian Ramos Candia
Vice President: Antonia Rioseco Maldonado
Treasurer: Camila Pradenas Vega
Secretary: Renzo Marchini Yunis
Sports Delegate: Agustina Vergara Isoardi
Houses Delegate: Emilia Fosalba Vigueras
Environment Delegate: Catalina Diban Herrera
Sports Delegate: Clemente Barría Trebilcock
Events Delegate: Martín Ugarte Muñoz
Senior School Delegate: Emilio Richard Quilodran
Middle School Delegate: Claudio Roa Benavente