Parents Association

At the Parents Association we work by contributing our views respect to the academic and personal development of our children. We try to be a channel of communication between parents and guardians and the school instances. For this purpose, we carry out actions in four areas of interest:
  • Strengthen the community: better community, better development for our children.
  • Strengthen Saint John’s values.
  • Ensure the development of the academic project.
  • Promote a safe environment and infrastructure for our children, according to the educational project.
Therefore, we meet monthly with presidents of each course, where we share visions and concerns that lead us from there to work collaboratively with the academic and administrative instances of the school. We want to build a cohesive community for which we organize a series of activities that bring together parents, guardians, students, teachers and authorities. Among them, the Chilean Fiesta to celebrate the National Day, St. John’s Walkathon, Football championship for parents and Fraternal Christmas Dinner should be mentioned.
The Parents Association is partially elected every 2 years by the representatives of the courses. On the other hand, members of the Board must comply with the requirement of having been presidents of the course for at least one year.

2019 Parents Association Leadership

President: Addy Stengel Garda
Vice President: Elizabeth Estay Arriagada
Treasurer: Ricardo Parra Dosque
Secretary: Roxana Arenas Obregón
Deputy Treasurer: Carla Pettinelli Reyes
Deputy Secretary: María Gabriela Larrére Wörner
Director: Gonzalo Poblete Chavarría
Director: Andrea Jara Hermosilla
Director: Edward Villalobos Reyes