At Saint John’s we have a great heritage of British education, legacy from a British tradition that consists of grouping their students in smaller communities within a large school community. These are the so-called houses.
Thus, the school is divided into subunits of Houses: Drake, Shackleton, Cochrane and Darwin, with their respective House Masters and a Director who oversees the activities.
Upon entering Pre-kindergarten, all our students are assigned a House. Once admitted, all the subsequent members of that family will join to the same house. Teachers and officials are also assigned a House at the time of their incorporation into the school.
According to the British tradition, the main purpose of this system is to provide an additional layer of care for each of our students, thanks to the House Masters who oversee with dedication the activities and act as coordinators and mentors of our students. Houses also compete arduously and amicably in a busy academic and sport programme that culminates with the awarding of a trophy in an annual ceremony.
Houses are a source of pride and opportunity for students of different ages throughout the school to relate and strengthen ties. Because of this, it is not unusual that students who attend to the best schools in the world are identified first with their house and then with their school.