At Saint John’s we see the clubs as a complementary activity offered to our students as a way to access other artistic, sport and cultural manifestations that normally are not officially found in the curriculum. These co-curricular activities provide an opportunity for the students to explore in a more free way, other aspects that complement their training, in order to seek that the attributes of the IB community can also be developed through these manifestations.
Practically, in Middle and Senior school the clubs are held in the afternoons, after the normal day of classes and they are to choose by our students from year 6in Middle to 10 year in Senior. It is expected that once enrolled, they assume the commitment of participating in all the activities that are carried out.
In Junior School, from year 2 to year 5, students participate in different clubs during the regular school hours and their purpose is that boys and girls are enchanted and motivated to learn, generating opportunities and significant experiences in this stage of their lives where they know different activities that complement their integral development.
Each year, the various activities in the three levels are reviewed and the possibilities are opened for new clubs to be created, depending on the interest that they students may manifest. 
Clubs are conducted by different teachers both internal and external, who programme with the students of their groups the presentation to the community of the products achieved with their work.
We invite more and more people to participate in these activities.