3b assembly 2017

On Wednesday 9th of August, 3 B presented their class assembly in which they could show all the things they have learnt during the latest unit of inquiry. Here is what two students from the group told us about it.

"Our assembly was called "Good Choices, Good Life" and it was about changing your life-style to a healthy one and to take care of yourself. There were scenes in which people drank alcohol, smoked, ate doughnuts, coke, burgers and we asked "Is that healthy?"

Then we say what those people have to do to have a healthy life. And we sang a song."

Victoria Park.

"We first gave ideas to choose the best ones to be in an assembly. Then, Mr Luis gave us the roles we were going to be. It was a lot of work, especially to learn our lines and to know where to stand, what to do, how to move. I really liked the assembly because we could teach other people to be healthy."

Emilia Trabazo.

You can also see the photos of our Assembly in this album.