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musical3littlepigsOn December 7th, we had the chance to experience one magical and memorable moment: Junior’s 2017 Musical ‘Three Little Pigs’. This is another addition to the Roald Dahl’s series of musicals, in which revolting rhymes appear to tell the singular story of three little pigs, a wolf…. and Little Red Riding Hood.

We would like to congratulate all Junior students (as well as their parents) who participated in this musical and prepared this beautiful activity full of drama, music and talent, to all musicians, members of Junior choir and actors. Special thanks to our musicians: Mister Leonardo Sáez, Mrs. Mayumi Kaida, Tamara Rivas, Mario Hurtado, Pedro Cifuentes, Camila Medina for their commitment and dedication to play the beautiful and intense melodies of the musical. Also, to all who kindly helped us to organize this event: Felipe Richards (5A), Miss Estefania Orlandos, Miss Karen Aguilera, Miss Nelly Roa, Miss Claudia Canobra, Miss Barbara Siebert, Miss Lucy Stancelova, Miss Gabriela Carrasco and all teachers of Junior School. Hope you enjoyed this mixture of live music and storytelling.

Mister Carlos Poblete - Miss Carolina Muñoz